ORACLE Objects? tables, views, sequences, stored procedures, synonyms, indexes, materialized view etc. Dual? is an Oracle built in Sudo table. It contains only one column and no records. SELECT SYSDATE from dual;  –This query will fetch current system date. Select 1 from dual; –This query will fetch 1. Select ‘Mahesh’ from dual; –This query will… Continue reading ORACLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Oracle PLSQL 11g New Features

Oracle PLSQL 11g New Features sequences have never been directly supported in PL/SQL. In versions prior to 11g, assigning a variable from a sequence (i.e. retrieving NEXTVAL or CURRVAL) is a SQL-only operation (we typically use a SELECT..INTO..FROM DUAL construct). In 11g, however, Oracle has added sequence fetching (using NEXTVAL and CURRVAL) to the list… Continue reading Oracle PLSQL 11g New Features