V$SYSSTAT   Statistics such as the amount of data changed and the number of transactions executed.

V$SQL     The actual SQL commands recently executed, how many time it was executed and how much CPU time it took.

V$FILESTAT   The number of reads and writes per file, and time spent on disk I/O.

V$DATAFILE   Lists the file number and name for each DB file.

V$DATABASE  General information about the database

V$DBFILE        Shows file name to numbers

V$PARAMETER          Shows all the initializatino parameters and their current values.

V$SGA     Summary statistics for the use of space in the SGA.

V$SESSION   This view lists session information for each current session.

V$SESSTAT This view lists user session statistics.

V$SESS_IO This view lists I/O statistics for each user session.

V$SQLTEXT This view contains the text of SQL statements belonging to shared SQL cursors in the SGA.

V$SESSION_WAIT This view lists the resources or events for which active sessions are waiting.

V$OBJECT_DEPENDENCY This view can be used to determine what objects are depended on by a package, procedure, or cursor that is currently loaded in the shared pool. For example, together with V$SESSION and V$SQL, it can be used to determine which tables are used in the SQL statement that a user is currently executing.

V$LOCKED_OBJECT This view lists all locks acquired by every transaction on the system.


ALL_TABLES all tables accessible to the user

ALL_TAB_COLUMNS These views describe the columns of tables, views, and clusters in the database.

ALL_TAB_COMMENTS These views display comments for tables and views. Comments are entered using the COMMENT statement.

ALL_TAB_STATISTICS These views contain optimizer statistics for tables.

ALL_TAB_COL_STATISTICS These views provide column statistics and histogram information extracted from the related TAB_COLUMNS views.

USER_ERRORS          Displays the errors found in views, stored procedures, and other objects.



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